10 October 2013
100EUrban solutions exhibition opens in Brussels

On the evening of 8th October Commissioner Johannes Hahn officially opened the "100 EUrbansolutions for better cities" exhibition, which promotes dozens of projects in the towns and cities of the EU and co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

You'll find pictures on the OPEN DAYS Flickr account from all 13 exhibition venues, from the outdoor component in place Jean Rey, passing by the Committee of the Regions and the four pan-European programmes, to the 11 regional offices. You can still visit some of the venues, and the content can also be viewed online. Check the schedule on the expo brochure.

You can see a video report of the launch event on EbS.

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The European Groupings of Territorial Cooperation: Cross-border players in the Single Market

"The European Groupings of Territorial Cooperation are genuine laboratories of the Single Market. These public entities operate simultaneously in several countries", explains Mr Herwig Van Staa (AT/EPP). "Their experience is precious to know what has to be improved".

More than 200 participants, including representatives of some of the 41 existing EGTC, met the European Commission and national authorities to explain their experiences and exploit the possibilities of the Single Market Act. The EGTCs hire personnel from different nationalities, sometimes in offices that are located in two or more countries; they can implement and manage infrastructure and provide cross-border services.

The participants sought the engagement of the European Commission to deliver their experience and to make their potential visible.


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