09 October 2013
OPEN DAYS – Day 2 in pictures

Almost 5 000 participant badges were distributed yesterday for the first series of OPEN DAYS workshops. View our pictures and share yours on the OPEN DAYS Flickr account, and follow social media reactions at Storify.

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More jobs, better cities and regions: how can cities and regions best create and support more and better jobs? Lessons from inter regional cooperation

With Jobs and Growth remaining one of Europe's key challenges, it was really interesting to share some of the experiences of the four European Territorial Cooperation Programmes (URBACT, INTERREG IVC, INTERACT and ESPON) yesterday.

The key conclusion was that a new multi-faceted approach is vital - one that considers people, skills and the economy; that spans the economic, employment and entrepreneurship agendas and that requires a new form of collaborative leadership and governance.


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