08 October 2013
OPEN DAYS kick-off in pictures

Visit the OPEN DAYS Flickr account to discover the best pictures from the opening session of this year's OPEN DAYS.

Some 900 people listened the key speeches of José Manuel Barroso, Johannes Hahn and Ramon Luis Valcárcel Siso and the video message from Martin Schulz.

You can also follow reaction to the first day on storify.


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Hahn and Valcárcel answering journalists' questions

Before the opening session of the OPEN DAYS some 100 regional and national media journalists had the opportunity to ask their questions to Commissioner Hahn and President Valcárcel.

One of Commissioner Hahn's key messages was: "Regional and local projects are better designed and identified at the subnational levels with the support of local and regional authorities and that is why we defend the Multilevel Governance. But we also have to keep in mind that the level of decentralised powers is not the same in all EU countries.

President Valcárcel also stated: "Regional policy is the leverage to achieve local and regional prosperity. The European Union has to be seen as the solution to the economic crisis and not as  the problem."


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